Ms. / Mrs. Multicultural Ottawa Beauty Pageant

Instruction :

Interested candidates may please email their resumes to & along with 2 photos of themselves :
a) A Headshot.
b) A Full Bodyshot.

The entry fee for Ms. / Mrs. Multicultural Ottawa Beauty Pageant will be Cad $50. The entry fee will cover the following services :
1. Makeup & Hair Services.
2. A Photoshoot wearing the Evening Gown.
3. Stage & Run away training with Maria-Al-Masani of Canadian Beauty, Miss Universe Canada Finalist, Former Miss Congeniality Universe Canada.
Screened applicants will receive an email to fill up the registration form.
They will fill up the registration form & send them to us along with the entry fee of Cad $50 in favour of Silhouette Asia.
The forms and the entry fee can be sent in either of the following ways :
1) Submit the online form by clicking 'Online' under 'Registration' Button and send the entry fee of Cad $50 through an email transfer to


2) Mail it along with a payorder of Cad $ 50 to Gipsy Ghosh
Mailing Address :
504, Southfield Way, Ottawa, ON K4A OH2.

Note :
The information & photos provided will not be shared or published in anyway. This is solely for the use of Ms. / Mrs. Multicultural Ottawa Beauty Pageant.